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Geek Blog

Jasmine.js, jquery and :visibility

Jasmine.js testing :visibility with a clean room

Nao Robot Tells Encounter at Farpoint

Experimenting with Nao Robot's new dialog engine, wikipedia and star trek

Rails Scaffold for a Model in a Module

Need to create rails scaffold for a Model that is inside a Module?

Rails Multiple Databases

There are a few tricks to integrating a rails app with a legacy database. Here is what I've learned...

Cache Jquery Ajax

Here is a very simple approach to caching Jquery ajax calls

FluentNao and Events

Next up is code to handle voice recognition with Fluent Nao

Interactive FluentNao

I'll show you how to set up Fluent Nao code to interactively control Nao

DNS Primer

I got tired of knowing nothing about DNS settings so I asked Mike.

Deploy middleman-loaded to Github Pages

Here I explain the different github pages offerings and how to deploy middleman to to them.

Rails 3, Test:Unit, Spork & Guard

There are a lot tutorials (all different); here is how I got Rails 3 & TestUnit working with Spork and Guard

Object Oriented Javascript Objects

Build your javascript in an object oriented and maintainable way

Import ovpn File on Ubuntu

The new network manager doesn't include openvpn and even after installing that it doesn't include an option to import your ovpn file. Here are the straight forward steps to getting set up.

Generate a SSL Certificate and Using it

A task not done all that often and always difficult to have go smoothly. Here is the flow for generating an SSL Certificate and using it

Jekyll the Amazing Static Site Generator

You're used to thinking cms or wordpress for building websites that require templating or ease of editing; but in my experience 90% of the time it ends up feeling like your "killing an ant with a sledgehammer".

Dell, Windows 8, Ubuntu & Grub Challenges

Windows is "taking over" the boot process, you can fix the problem by using the Windows bcdedit command and by disabling secure boot

Groovy on Grails & Ubuntu

Grails makes extensive use of groovy and even more interesting is the way they have wrapped some mature favorites (junit, ant and hybernate) with the groovy language.

Ubuntu Rocks

Ubuntu is fantastic, stable and you'll truly enjoy it. Here is a list of things to get a good developer machine up and running

Control Nao Robot from Interactive Python Shell

See how to control the Nao Robot from the interactive python shell. Meaning you type the commands, press enter and Nao moves.

Jenkins & Selenium

I have in the past used Atlassian Bamboo for build automation and to run automated tests. While I love that solution, it costs money and not everyone wants to buy it.

Ruby for Monitoring & Testing

Wither you're developing in Ruby, PHP, .NET or a javascript RIA, you will gain benefit by automating monitoring, integration tests & load tests. In my recently professional experiences I have found Ruby to be a fantastic technology to use to accomplish this initiative quickly and easily.

Ubuntu & TMUX

First off from the tmux website... "tmux is a terminal multiplexer. What is a terminal multiplexer? It lets you switch easily between several programs in one terminal..."

Functional Ruby Fu!

For some strange reason I keep forgetting ruby folding functions. So to be kind to my my future self, here is how it works.

Learn Ruby on Rails

List of my favorite resources for learning & teaching newbee programmers how to develop with Ruby on Rails.


I have been programming Nao for some time and doing motion has been challenging. So like any good software developer would, I set my mind toward making it easier, faster and more intuitive.

Ubuntu & .NET MVC and Mono Develop have come a long way; it's not only reasonable to run/develop .NET MVC on linux, it's damn near preferable.

RBEnv, Ubuntu and Bundler

A howto for setting up ubuntu with rbenv and more; for ruby on rails development.

Nao Colored Object Detection

The Colored Object Detection module was developed by Vincent Berenz and can be added to NAO

Makey Makey Inventors Kit

Ruby script that uses the curses gem to capture commands from Makey Makey and use a case statement to tell me which fruit / vegetable I touched

What Can Nao Do?

Nao recognizes my face, understands when I speak, talks back and recognizes programming books.

Video for the Web

Here is a non-experts take on the most basic rules of the road for preparing video for the web.

Ubuntu & H.264 Codec

Encode amazing looking video with the H.264 codec on ubuntu