Nao Colored Object Detection

Jan 04, 2013

The Colored Object Detection module was developed by Vincent Berenz and can bee added to NAO. The module is described as, "allowing detection of blue, red, green and yellow objects. Adding more colors is also possible."

Install on Nao

Word of warning... this has only been tested on NAO Next Gen. If you have a Nao Next Gen, then download the module and follow these instructions.

Use an ftp program like filezilla to connect to nao.local:

Confirm it Worked

To confirm the module was installed properly

Using the Module in Choregraphe

If you create a script box with this code.

# get the module
codProxy = ALProxy("ColoredObjectDetection")

# subscribe ALMemory Event 

You can then right-click on the margin in choregraphe and "Add Input from ALMemory", which will be stimulated when nao recognizes an object. The list returned by the module consist of:

# color
color = value[0]

# more than -1 if detected
NbPixels = self.value[1] 

# position
Yaw = value[2]
Pitch = value[3]
X = value[4]
Y = value[5]