Middleman Deploy to Github User Pages

Feb 19, 2017

Middleman has come a long ways and so have my habits. My blog is now running a stock version of the latest Middleman App.

I wanted to share this very simple rake task for deploying to Github User Pages.

Add Rake to Gemfile

gem "rake"

and remember to

bundle install --path=vendor

Deploy Rake Task

desc "Deploy"
task :deploy do

    puts 'do build'

    # build folder
    system "rm -rf build"
    system "mkdir build"

    # git
    Dir.chdir("build") do
        system "git init ."
        system "git remote add origin"
        system "git checkout --orphan gh-pages"

    # do build
    system "bundle exec middleman build"

    # push build
    Dir.chdir("build") do
        system "git add -A"
        system "git commit -m build"
        system "git push -uf origin gh-pages"

NOTE: this is for a project page; if this is a user page you need to put your code in a source branch and have this publish into master.

Try it out

bundle exec rake deploy

Note the greatness * it builds static assets into gh-pages branch * does a force push so your repo doesn't continually get bigger

Happy blogging!