Make your meetings not suck

Mar 20, 2019

Consider that making meetings not suck, is all about written artifacts...

Writing things down does not suck

Carl Sagan wrote about how humans began writing things down because survival required holding on to more information than the human mind is capable of retaining. Think of the benefits of a farmers almanac. Any collaborative multi-day project is going to require writing things down.

Make people scared to waste your time

Suppose you are meeting with a friend to discuss the pros/cons of their current romantic relationship. How different would the discussion be if you start taking notes. Why would they feel differently when they are providing you with details either way. It's because writing something down makes people more accountable. Just that effect is valuable, even if you threw away the notes.

Note taking is a god power

Your notes are the one true reality. No one remembers anything and you have date, time, names and what was said. Never throw away your notes. :)


Here is a quick visual process that effectively captures written artifacts