Makey Makey Inventors Kit

Jan 05, 2013

I finally got my Makey Makey inventors kit and just for fun I wired up / programmed a tomato and some grapes from my parents farm.

grapes and tomato connected to makey makey

I wrote a ruby script that uses the curses gem to capture commands from Makey Makey and use a case statement to tell me which fruit / vegetable I touched.

Here is the script.

require 'curses'

Curses.noecho # do not show typed keys
Curses.stdscr.keypad(true) # enable arrow keys (required for pageup / down)

loop do
    case Curses.getch
    when Curses::Key::DOWN
        puts "grapes"
    when Curses::Key::UP
        puts "tomato"

Melissa was amazed and said "we should plug it into the cat". We are married 7 years to the day and it's got everything to do with suggestions like that. :)